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The fund of the museum is classified in 15 collections in conformity with the type of the objects or in accordance with the activity that they present or result from.

І. Cold and fire arms

The collection comprises: swords, knives, dirks, rifles, carbines, pistols, revolvers. Among them are the antiquities, drawn out from the bottom of the Black Sea at the cape Shabla in 1977 and relevant to the Russo- Turkish wars from XVIII- XIX c. Included are the personal arms of prominent officers from the fleet, of which besides Bulgarian, there are models of foreign military fleets.

ІІ. Ship armament, canons, torpedoes and torpedo machines

These are models of armaments of different times, systems and types. Sixth-form mine from the time of the Russo-Turkish War from 1877-1878, an anchor galvanic-percussive blocking mine type “Hertz”, which are applied in the Bulgarian fleet until the First World War; the mine created by Lieutenant Evstati Vinarov in 1905; the Bulgarian river galvanic- percussive mine B-40, which is a modification of the marine galvanic-percussive mine “Bulgaria- 36” (B-36), created on a project of the machine engineer Lieutenant Mincho Ostrev; the French mines “Sautez Arle”, model 1906 and model 1908; German mines type “Carbonite”, E-big, E-small, “Uma”; English mine type “Wickers”.

In this collection figure also the located in the outdoor exposition : 100 mm canons from the aviso “Nadejda”, beehive canon from SKR “Smeli”, torpedo machines from torpedo bombers, three- tubular machine “Drazki”.

Here is as well the collection of coastal canons, which have defended the Bulgarian sea coast at different moments.

ІІІ. Ship and coastal fitting-up and equipment

The collection is formed by various kinds of objects. Here are the collections of anchors, devices as compasses, barometers, rudder wheels, electric appliances, connected with the control and the navigation of the ship and others.

ІV. Insignia, diplomas, stamps, cups, seals

Here can be seen the entire or nearly the entire variety of insignia, the Bulgarian marine officers have been awarded with, from the establishment of the fleet until today. Among them are Bulgarian and foreign orders and medals, as well as the badges of our and foreign military schools, they were educated in. The collection of seals includes : seals from ships, services and units of the military fleet, enterprises of the commercial shipping and shipbuilding, of marine public organizations and personal seals. They were used in the period from the 60-ies of the XIX c until the beginning of XXI c.

V. Works of art – paintings, pictures, sculptures, plaquettes, gramophone records

Among the most valuable are : the works of the painter Tihomir Radinov (oils) – “Bulgarian torpedo- boats attack the Turkish cruiser “Hamidie” and the portrait of Captain I rank Dimitar Dobrev, painter Nikola Ganushev. As a self-sustained collection stand out the engravings, the water-colors and the oil paints of Alexander Mutafov. The collection complements by works of Mikhail Angelov, Hr. Kavarnaliev, Anton Prudkin, Milen Sakazov, Georgi Urumov, Petar Mikhailov, Tihomir Kodjamanov and many contemporary marine painters.

VІ. Photographs, photo albums, films

The collection replenishes with photographs, albums and others which through the medium of the press illustrate and document the history of our military fleet : portrait photographs of the commanders of our military fleet, the commanders of ships and their companies, photographs of the trained of different graduates of the nautical school, albums with photographs from common practices of the countries members of the former Warsaw treaty and the countries members of NATO, photographs from celebrations of jubilee anniversaries of the military fleet; important moments from the reception of new materials, of the maritime feasts.

VІІ. Archival documents : memoirs, certificates, instructions, books, maps, sketches

The archival documents enter mostly as donations of inheritors of prominent marine figures : Captain I rank Dimitar Dobrev, Captain II rank Stancho Dimitriev, Captain I rank Georgi Kupov, Captain I rank Sava Ivanov , Captain I rank Nedelcho Nedev and others. In their greatest part these are original certificates, instructions, books, sketches, personal and official correspondence. In this collection are presented sections of personal libraries of notable representatives of the marine work. In the collection figure textbooks and school aids in Bulgarian, Russian, French, German, Italian and English of graduates of the corresponding high nautical schools; ship diaries, watch magazines, official cards and historical- traditional form documents of different military ships, etc.

VІІІ. Uniforms and uniform signs

There are preserved uniforms of Bulgarian marine officers from different times. The heraldry and the symbolic in the uniform dresses reflect the political changes and the original “fashion” in the uniform dresses as well as the influence from the fleets of other countries. The uniforms of the different generations of graduates of the nautical school discern with some particularities.

ІХ. Flags, pendants, tresses, burgees

In this collection are preserved ship naval flags, flags to officials, among which a standard of the Prince and the Princess; pendants; signal flags and colorings, as well as battle flags of different units of the fleet.

Х. Personal belongings

The collection comprises objects which reflect the personal and the professional life and the acts of eminent figures in the marine and naval work- instruments and appliances, accessories, dresses. .

ХІ. Models of ships, of different equipments and souvenirs

The collection comprises some tens models of military and commercial ships of different times. Discern the models, made in the factories that produced ships to order of the Bulgarian government. Another part of them are made by Bulgarian ship designers, laureates of different competitions.

ХІІ. Shipping, underwater archaeology, sea and water sports, nautical science and researchesя

This collection is volumetric and multi way in content. It comprises objects, documents, vessels and others, directly connected with the commercial shipping. Here are filed a considerable part of the finds from underwater archaeological expeditions, certificates about the achievements in the nautical sports – for example a yacht “Cor Caroli” the Captain Georgi Georgiev makes the first Bulgarian lonesome sailing with round the world.

ХІІІ. Ports, port installations

The collection presents receipts by which the port building , the technical equipment of the Bulgarian sea and Danube ports can be traced out. It comprises many documents, memoirs, insignia of port workmen and leaders of different times.

ХІV. Ship repair

The collection comprises personal documents, photographs, belongings of direct participants and leaders in the ship repair activities, as well as documentation of the enterprises, engaged in the ship repair work.

ХV. Shipbuilding

The work and the achievements of the shipbuilding enterprises in Bulgaria are presented by a documentation- sketches, books; instruments and appliances; photographs, personal belongings of Bulgarian shipbuilders.


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